10. August 2022

Green Steel is the order of the day - The Ƶ has published a White Paper

Lucerne/Emmenbrücke. It will not be possible to stop the rapid rate of climate change without the steel industry transitioning to Green Steel. The Ƶ has already taken decisive steps toward decarbonizing steel production. It is not without reason that the ecological footprint of the Ƶ is almost 78% lower than the industry average worldwide. You will find many detailed explanations of why this is in the Ƶ’s White Paper.

The White Paper contains information on the following topics:

  1. The blast furnace route vs. the electric arc furnace route
  2. Hydrogen instead of natural gas
  3. Green power instead of embodied energy
  4. High-alloyed scrap instead of alloying metals
  5. Recognize, act, inspire
  6. «Green Steel» as research and technology platform
  7. Worthless waste heat as a resource and costly traction energy
  8. «Green Steel» as a signal for other industries
  9. Not just an eco-label for steel, but an invitation to think and cooperate
  10. Various charts

You also learn how the Ƶ has improved its carbon footprint and will become even more environmentally friendly in the future. There are a total of three scopes (Scope 1, 2, 3) in which companies emit CO2:

Scope 1: comprises a company’s direct CO2 emissions
Scope 2: comprises the indirect CO2 emissions by energy suppliers. 
Scope 3: comprises the indirect CO2 emissions of the upstream and downstream supply chain

Calculated consumption is then converted with emission factors (conversion rates) and shown as CO2 equivalents.

In this White Paper, you will not only learn about the use of Green Steel and its production, but also be informed fully and extensively about the status quo and the future stages in steel production in the mills of the Ƶ.

All information can be accessed on the Ƶ homepage. The link to download the White Paper is


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