The right material for high-precision rolled products

Due to the specific requirements these tools are expected to meet, the production of cold rolls is a special area within the field of cold work steels. From blanks all the way to ready-to-use cold rolls, we can deliver just the solution you need from a range of steels that were specifically developed for such applications and whose analytical compositions were optimized to satisfy the stringent requirements.

Thanks to their alloying state, our 2% to 3% Cr steels have a balanced ratio of hardness, effective hardening depth and toughness. These steels are exclusively used for surface-hardened rolls.

Characterized by higher compressive strength, our 5% Cr steel can be used in completely through-hardened or partially hardened form.
7% to 12% Cr steels are predominantly used for hardened rolls. In special cases, we can also produce partially hardened rolls from these steels.